Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Tomorrow Iis) Open for Business

The Lab and The Bunker open for Production at 1pm, 28th August 2014.

at 530 we meet in G104 for  discussion and screenings around the question: Why Brave New World? What does SF have to do with Social Justice?

Screenings include
Ben Rivers Slow Action, 2010
Neill Blomkamp's short films (the director of District 9)

And Alex Rivera's Sleep Dealer, a rarely seen SF film "set on the U.S. / Mexico border that tells the story of Memo Cruz (Luis Fernando Peña), a young man from Mexico who dreams of coming to the United States.  However, in this brave new borderland, crossing is impossible, and Memo ‘migrates’ in a new way — over the net.  By connecting his body to the net Memo controls a machine that performs his labor in America, sending his pure work without the body of the worker."

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Bio-Suits and Other Strange Appearances

Dressed in various kinds of bio-suits, participants strolled through campus today, visited the library and perused some of the material in the Brave New World Reading Room - initiating some interesting conversations about how appearing 'alien' can challenge how we interact with each other and, in turn, raise questions about cultural and ethnic differences.

Production in the Lab began; capsules were printed; artefacts were received in the Bunker; Leona from All the Best Radio visited.

At the discussion and screening,  we ate popcorn and teleported to that strange, science-fictional year, 1968 and a particular day, October 10, when men were preparing to travel to the Moon (or so we are told) whilst an astronaut called Barbarella was already on a quest to find Duran Duran.

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Monday, 25 August 2014

Today, Brave New World Begins

Inspired by the work of SF as a genre for social criticism, Brave New World is a participatory event at MADA during Inclusion and Diversity Week. Participants can create an artefact from their imagined future which will be sent back in time to the present and found by others. Both on and offline, we can share stories and objects and discover whether it is still possible to imagine different futures and therefore draw attention to the challenges we must address today.

Today, this blog became available to the public.
We also have a online community using Google + but, as this is a student-centred event in MADA and at Monash, this community can only be accessed by Monash Members and Staff.

Tomorrow, the Lab and the Bunker will be operational.

The Bunker: Prepared for Archiving.

The Bunker: Deposit/Create Artefacts